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About Interpreter service

GIPU provides various levels of professional staff to deal with your need.  That is a wide range of expertise in handling with both documents and oral presentations are available to satisfy your need.  For example, you may only need an interpreter who capable to accompany you to do some shopping, in this case you may need only a person who can bargain well with the seller for you, probably in local language.  On the other hands, if you are going to close a business deal, in this case a professional look and fluency in business deal negotiation is necessary.


Staff Introducing

Nationality Education Japanese proficiency level

Bachelor Degree in Thai Language from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


 The president speech of a number of Japanese firms
 The conference reception of BOI

Thai Master Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Tsukuba 1

 Youth International Exchange Program hosted by JICA
 Business deals for those who are looking for
Thai’s products to sell in Japan

Thai Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineer from University of Electro-Communications 1

 Wedding Ceremony
 Work for a large Japanese firm in Japan

Thai Doctor of Philosophy from Institute of Policy and Planning Science, University of Tsukuba 1

 International Conferences

Thai Master Degree, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kobe University

 ISO investigation process
 Business deals for a major firm in Japan

Thai Master Degree in International Laws, Graduate School for Law and Politics, Tokyo University 1

 Business Deals
 World level sports competition
 Special Event to promote Thai-Japanese relationship

Thai Master degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology
Doctor of Philosophy in Petrochemical Engineer  from University of Texas

 Tri- language (Thai, English and Japanese) in business
deals for construction and architecture projects


Master degree in Environmental, University of Tsukuba
Doctor of Philosophy in Biotechnology University of Tsukuba


 International conferences
 Speaker assistant in a training course for a Japanese firm

Thai Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineer, Osaka University 1

 State Attorney Visit (from Thailand ) to Japan
 Water Treatment Institution Visit (from Thailand )
 Textile and Clothing Event for Export Promotion Department

Thai Master Degree from Obirin University 1

 International conferences


GIPU provides you with only a real expert in a particular field of your need.  That is an expert in mechanical engineering, an expert in electric power and electronic, an expert in telecommunication,  an expert in environmental science, and expert in business management and an expert in Japanese culture.  Not only this group of staff who work regularly with us, we also get in contact with a number of experts in other fields that you may need.

Interpreters provided to you by GIPU are all well educated person who mainly graduate from top university in Japan .  In addition, all of them passed level 1 test on Knowledge of  Japanese Language.  Furthermore, they all have experience in many major events.   With all these qualification, we believe that they have their skill to support your need very well.


GIPU’s past performance

  • accompany to do some shopping
  • assist in new product search to open a new market segment in Japan
  • prepare president speech to all employee
  • assist in an introduction of new Japanese product and its promotion campaign for Thai market
  • report a dispute of an agreement to police officer for a construction firm
  • announcing news and events for sports field
  • assist laypeople to understand the process of going into a monk-hood and help contact to those temples who being able to accommodate a Japanese laypeople into Buddhist monk-hood

GIPU has continuously received a good response from our customers.  This could be because what we aim in mind is to serve our customer need with our best effort.


Service rates

Tour guide
12,000 Baht/Day
This rate includes the service to guide and route you to
those tourist attraction point of your choices and help you
to negotiate with local people if you may need
Interpreter during conferences


This rate is for those jobs that have a pause for the interpreter
to interpret what the speaker have just finished.  In this case,
our interpreter will interpret the topic discussed during the conference,
business negotiation or describe the working procedures in the manufacturing. 
Our interpreter has a skill in business terms, however speaker
needs to provide a break during his talk for the interpreter to
give a translation.  For conferences we recommend that you may
need two interpreters to make the translation efficient.


This rate is for those jobs that need to be interpreted in parallel
with the speaker. This kind of job we provide a team of interpreter
of two or more person to run the session as smooth as possible. 
With this kind of job we also need to provide you with highest
skill interpreter to work in team of 15 minutes interval to keep up
the performance of our staff to the standard of good interpretation.

The company will charge you at the rate of 30% on top of
the interpreter rates we charge you.
In case of distant location, customer will responsible for
all expense regarding to accommodation or travel
arrangement for our interpreter.
Each service charge will depend upon details of the job. 
That is, the location, time of the day and any advance
preparation that may need.
By the way as the number of the skill interpreter in
a particular area is not much, therefore, it is possible that
in some occasion we may not be able to provide you
an interpreter with a specific qualification that you may need. 
However, we will do our best possible to service you with
the best quality service.
We provide you with Japanese-Thai, Thai-Japanese,
Japanese-English as well as Thai-English-Japanese interpreter.


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