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Company's detail

GIPU roles as a bridge between Thai and Japan.

 Global Internet Partner Utopia Co., Ltd. (GIPU)
Location 3 Soi.Bangsaen 15 Bangsaen sai 2 Rd. T.Saensook A.Muang Chonburi 20130 Thailand

Tel +66-1-949-2122 Fax +66-38-748-856
E-mail :

President Harada Isoyo
Foundation June 20th,2002
Capital $90,000
Our business -Translation into Thai, English and Japanese
-Internet and IT business -Management Web site ‘’ offering information about Thailand and Japan
-Translation into Thai, English and Japanese
-Internet and IT business -Management Web site ‘’ offering information about Thailand and Japan


Job Opportunity

GIPU always accepts application for staffs who are eligible to develop GIPU with us. The eligible staffs should be fascinated in Thai and Japan cultures and try their best to build up new business and good inter-relationship between Thailand and Japan. Please send your personal data and business plan to Recently, many jobs are available for working at home. Please be noted that you are able to join GIPU as your second or part-time job. In addition to translation business, we have many business plans. It might be you who will build up new GIPU with us!

Privacy Policy

GIPU will not let the personal information of anyone who visit our site leaked out. We provide reliable procedure to maintain the privacy of your information. When we send the data that may identify the individuality, such as personal data, those data must be encoded to maintain the protection of your personal information. According to the law dealing with personal information, please be noted that we must release confidential information to governmental agency such as judicial branch of government in case that they require us.


Contact us

The inquiry of job offering and service quotation are available to anyone with no obligation. Please e-mail your inquiry to
We will respond you within 3 business days.
No charge for quotation.You can send us e-mail in any language at your convenience (English, Thai or Japanese) GIPU will support you in any file and style according to your request. Please feel free to inquire.

For the inquiry, you can attach manuscript in program files such as Word, Excel, PDF and Images. In case that the file size is very big (over 10 Mbytes), please inform us in advance. We’ll notify you the procedure of file uploading to our web server.

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